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This is a story about water. A song for the sacred in all of us. A documentary centered on solutions. This is a look at the driest of places - California and the Southwest - and the deepest of spaces - our inner worlds and the stories we choose to tell. We are invited to change our perspective, to rewrite our stories, and ultimately, to heal our broken relationships with the natural world. The choice point has arrived. The old story will bring scarcity. But a new story, one that we can write together, may indeed lead us to abundance and water for all. Only through personal relationship with the sacred can we truly begin to heal. Water is life. Water is love. What can you do, in your life, to be a voice for the water?


Brittany App is a professional photographer with two decades of experience and two circumnavigations of the globe under her belt, and she debuts "Where There Once Was Water" as a first-time Director & Producer. Her passion is water, water access, and ruminants on the landscape. Brittany is a story-teller, a voice-artist, a professional sheep-shearer, and a self-proclaimed shepherdess-in-training. She lives off the grid in the remote Carrizo Plain, CA – with a rag-tag wooly crew of sheep, duck ducks, and livestock guardian dogs … and sunsets that fill the whole sky.


Wild and Scenic Film Festival
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival
The Ag & Art Film Festival
Fresno State CineCulture Film Series Selection
Friday Harbor Film Festival
The Catalina Film Festival
Nevada City Film Festival
Ojai Film Festival
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Cambria Film Fest Summerfest
Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment Film Festival
BZN International Film Festival
Flixx Festival
Blue Water Film Festival
The Sacramento International Film Festival
Toronto International Women Film Festival
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
EarthxTV Encore Screening
Global Freshwaters Summit Closing Night Event
New Haven Documentary Film Festival
Transitions Film Festival


Catalog # EPF16044 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-84-3 ● UPC: 6-82086-16044-3 ● NTSC

74 Minutes ● Copyright 2021 ● English, Spanish Subtitles