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You will receive a digital file and a DVD.  We will contact you and send you the file in the format that you request, or you can encode it from the DVD that you receive.  We do not provide hosting services.  A Digital Site License (DSL) permits the customer to host and stream the licensed content to their users on a password-protected server that is only accessible to Authorized Users. Authorized Users are defined as current students, staff and faculty of the institution. They can view the film individually or in a group setting without limitation on audience size or venue type.  Screenings must be for non-paying audiences in a non-commercial fashion. 


All Digital Site Licenses we offer are available for the life of the digital file.  We reserve all other rights of commercial exploitation in the licensed content, including without limitation, the copyright, print publication, theatrical, home video, television, radio, internet, music soundtrack and other ancillary rights.  If you have questions as to the scope of your DSL, you may contact Larry Rattner at:


For any other questions, please contact us by email at:

Or call us at (323) 301-3663

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