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Bartolomé, a teacher in a multigrade school on the mountains of Chiapas in Mexico, knows education is not based on textbooks and cannot fit inside the four walls of a classroom. A true sower of knowledge, his approach to education, based on curiosity and the love of nature, makes him a beacon of hope to his community.


Melissa Elizondo Moreno graduated from the National School of Cinematographic Arts of the UNAM. Her work is focuses on the themes of resilience, childhood and the gender perspective. Her debut feature “The Sower" was awarded The Warrior of the Documentary Press Award, The Made by a Woman Award and the Audience Award for Documentary Feature Film at the Morelia International Film Festival. The Sower also won awards at festivals in France, Chile and Bolivia. Her short films "Túmin: Solidarity Economy" and "The Threads That Weave Us" have been presented at various film festivals and international exhibitions.


Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece
Ambulante Showcase, Cine las Américas Int’l Film Festival, Austin, TX
Chiapas Film Festival, Mexico
Native Crossroads Film Festival, Norman, OK
The Muestra Internacional “El Cine en la Cumbre”, Argentina
The Muestra de Las Otras Educaciones en el Cine, La UV in Xalapa, Mexico
Festival Internacional Cine de América, sección Panorama Continental Documental, Mexico
“Cine de barrio” in P.I.L.A.R.E.S by the Trust for the Promotion and Development of Mexican Cinema, Mexico
Ciclo de cine itinerante “Se va caer”, Mexico
“Lluminando el Pacífico” with Cine Móvil Toto, México
Baja California International Film Festival, México
“Made in México”Festival, San Francisco, CA
Festival de Arte y Cultura Cuento Contigo, Fundación Romel, México
DOQUMENTA, Festival Internacional de Cine Documental, México
La Muestra de cine de la Feria de las lenguas Indígenas, México
Deep México Debate Film Series: Women and Indigenous Communities, Museum of Memory and Tolerance
Guerrero Documentary Press Award – Morelia Int’l Film Festival, Mexico
Award for Documentary Made by a Woman – Morelia Int’l Film Festival, Mexico
Mexican Public Documentary Feature Award – Morelia Int’l Film Festival, Mexico
Honorable Mention, José Rovirosa Prize – Best Student Documentary
Audience Award – FotoFilm Tijuana Festival, Film and Photo Festival, Mexico
Best Documentary – ONE Country ONE Film International Film Festival, Bolivia


Catalog # EPF16036 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-76-8 ● UPC: 6-82086-16036-8 ● NTSC

86 Minutes ● Copyright 2018 ● Spanish, Tseltal & English Subtitles