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A remote desert island is transformed into a tropical paradise. Is this a glimpse of the future? Or an ecological disaster in the making?

TerraForma is the story of the remote volcanic island of Ascension, which sat smouldering for a million years entirely devoid of life, until its radical transformation by process of 'terraforming' into a tropical paradise. It is also the story of what that transformation may mean for our planet, in a future where terraformed landscapes and human-engineered environments may come to warp our understanding of 'nature' itself.


Kevin Brennan and Laurence Durkin are close friends and a longtime filmmaking duo. Kevin is an artist and filmmaker from Galway, Ireland. Laurence is a documentary filmmaker from London. Their work together explores themes of identity, landscape, and human relationships with the natural world. They completed their first feature together in 2023 - TerraForma - which looks at the devastating but revolutionary 19th century geo-engineering project that radically altered the climate and ecology of Ascension Island.

Kevin Brennan is an artist and filmmaker based in London and a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art. His films explore ideas surrounding technological evolution and its impact on human ontology, using a variety of visual languages pulled from video games, music videos and cinema.

Laurence Durkin is a writer and documentary filmmaker. Since studying at FAMU in Prague, his films have spanned genres, form, and languages, with continuous threads of dialogue: questions of technology, identity and alienation, and the challenge of living in human made environments.


DocVille International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium
Academia Film Olomouc International Festival of Science Documentary Films, Czech Republic
Science New Wave Festival, US
Transmediale – Festival for Art and Digital Culture Berlin, Germany
Architecture & Design Film Festival, US
SunChild International Environmental Film Festival, Armenia
NYCxDESIGN, Design Pavilion, US
Ecocine International Environmental and Human Rights Film Festival, Brazil


Catalog # EPF16067 ● ISBN: 978-1-963201-07-9 ● UPC: 6-82086-16067-2 ● NTSC

66 Minutes ● Copyright 2023 ● English