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The Tarahumara—one of the largest indigenous cultures in North America—live in the rugged canyons of northwestern Mexico. For them, running is not only the best way to get from one place to another, it is an important cultural tradition. They regularly compete in races that can last days and stretch well beyond a hundred miles. During the 1990s, Tarahumara runners Victoriano Churo and Cirildo Chacarito received international attention for their running abilities after they competed in several ultramarathons in the United States. Running in long, colorful shirts and sandals made out of rubber tires, they captivated the world with their strength and endurance. Directed by Juan Carlos Núñez.


Juan Carlos Núñez studied Communication, Audiovisual Languages and Photography. Juan has directed several experimental documentaries and worked as a as photographer and editor. He works with the Oftalmica International Independent Film Festival, The Ambulante” Documentary Film Festival and the Luis Film Buñuel School Buñuel” in Xalapa Veracruz. Swift Feet is Juan’s first feature length documentary. Swift Feet was awarded fellowships by the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts.


X Encuentro Hispanoamericano Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces, México
Festival Gorniškega Filma, Slovenia
Festival Cine sur Microcine Latinoamericano in Lisboa, Portugal
Week of Chihuahua in Los Angeles, USA
KIMFF, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal
Week of Mexican Cinema in Your City, Quintana Roo, Mexico
180 Grados Nicaragua Cultural Fest, Nicaragua
Indigenous Film Festival Xanavel lok’oliletik. Chiapas, Mexico
WAFF, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Canada
INKAFEST Mountain Film Festival, Peru
FICWALLMAPU Indigenous Film Festival, Chile
Week of Mexican Cinema in Your City Tamaulipas, Mexico
Ulju Mountain Film Festival, South Korea
Cinema Mexique à Montréal, Canada
Indigenous Film Festival of Guerrero, Mexico
Docs Puebla, Mexico
Trento Film Festival, Italy
DOK.fest – International Documentary Film Festival Munich, Germany
Ambulante Documentary Film Festival, Mexico
Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival, Mexico
Cumbre Tajin Festival, Mexico
Zanate Mexican Documentary Film Festival, Colima, Mexico
Oftálmica, Independent Film Festival of Xalapa, Mexico
DocsMX | Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City, , Mexico
Week of Mexican Cinema in Your City Chihuahua, Mexico
Rodando Film Festival San Luis Potosí, Mexico
FICMY, Mérida y Yucatán Film Festival, Yucatán, Mexico
Tlanchana Film Festival and Digital Art, Mexico
FICG Guadalajara International Film Festival, Guadalajara, Mexico
Winner of Audience Award and Special Jury Award
Zanate Mexican Documentary Film Festival, Colima Mexico
Winner of Best Documentary in the Lak Ech Section – FICMY,
Festival Internacional de Cine de Mérida y Yucatán, Yucatán, Mexico


Catalog # EPF16010 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-47-8 ● NTSC

76 Minutes ● Copyright 2016 ● Spanish, Raramuri & English, Spanish & English Subtitles