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The Journey of a Political Prisoner

Memories of a Dreamer: The Journey of a Political Prisoner (Memorias de un soñador la historia de un prisionero politico) (2008) 51 mins – is a firsthand account of the hardship suffered by a political prisoner of Chile's cruel 1973 and inhumane dictatorship. More than 30 years after, Félix Mora relives the shocking details of the human rights abuses he suffered, his escape from the dictatorship, and the challenges he faced as an exile in Italy and Canada. Félix's heartbreaking memories are shared with Jorge Aro, another political prisoner and friend of Félix, who was also held in the Stadium at the horrifyingly tender age of 15. Together, they share chilling details of their incarceration, re-visiting the "snail shell", where the most gruesome tortures took place. Exile was meant to silence those who fought the regime. For Félix, exile became a catalyst to fight for freedom and democracy.


Alisson Larrea is a Canadian, born in Ecuador, who holds a MBA and an undergraduate degree of Applied Arts in Radio and Television Production. Alisson has worked in film and television for over 10 years, producing and directing educational, promotional and corporate videos as well as short documentaries and films shot in Canada and Latin America. She was nominated as Best Communicator at the - Latin American Achievement Awards in 2002 in Toronto.

Alisson’s strong commitment to promote her culture in Canada and help Hispanics better integrate to this society made her create several organization and events to promote the role of Hispanics in Canadian mainstream society. Alisson combined this passion for her community with her passion for documentaries and decided to produce and direct her first feature length documentary “Memories of a Dreamer” –a film that showcases the journey of a political prisoner from Chile, his struggle as an exile and determination to overcome those obstacles to make his dreams come true.

Parallel to television, Alisson had developed a successful marketing career working in major Canadian organizations and creating her own marketing consultant firm.


WINNER Best Documentary Award Marbella International Film Festival
World Community Festival – Courtenay, BC - Canada
Global Film Festival - Nanaimo - BC - Canada
Our Island our World Film Festival - Salt Spring Island, BC - Canada
Phoenix College Latino Film Festival – Phoenix, USA
Women’s International Film Festival – Miami, USA
Ybor Festival of the Moving Image – Tampa, USA
Toronto Hispano American Film Festival – Toronto, Canada
Non Violence International Film Festival – Cambridge, Canada
California (Temecula) Valley International Film & Music Festival – USA
Festival de Cine y Video SURrealidad – Colombia
St John’s Women International Film Festival – St. John’s, Canada
Boston Hispanic Film Festival – Boston, USA
Marbella International Film Festival, Marbella - Spain
Special Presentation in Santiago, Chile
Amnesty International Film Festival - Vancouver, Canada
TV Premier on OMNI Television - Toronto & Vancouver, Canada
Special Theater Presentation - Calgary, Canada
Documentary Festival, Quito - Ecuador


Catalog # EPF16004 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-30-0 ● NTSC

51 Minutes ● Copyright 2010 ● Spanish, English, English Subtitles