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The Story of Mein Kampf

Ascent of Evil: The Story of Mein Kampf is an autobiographical manifesto written by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler while imprisoned following his 1923 failed coup attempt in Munich.  In Mein Kampf, Hitler outlined his political ideology and goals for Germany. Today, Mein Kampf is still available in libraries, on the Internet, at universities and even at bookstores worldwide.  Yet much of the history of this 720-page, two-volume screed is now forgotten. Using historical footage, photographs and interviews with scholars, Ascent of Evil plunges deep into the infamous blueprint for evil’s dark secrets and reveals how this book came to be written and its impact on world.


Frédéric Monteil began as a television journalist for the France 3 Channel and for France 2 Channel, where he specialized in reports on the environment.

Attracted to long-form content, Frédéric began working on investigative documentaries about the environment, the economy and social issues for Capital, a well-known French TV show.  While at Capital, Frédéric covered subjects as diverse as the mortician industry, a tontine investment scheme, and the development of oil schist in the United States. 

Frédéric later became editor-in-chief for Let Pix, where he supervised a series of investigative documentaries for the show Pieces of Evidence and the NBC Universal television series Criminals 2.0.

Frédéric is a history enthusiast with a master’s degree in history from the University of Nantes. He is also the author of a book covering the history of cinema in Nantes, France.


Catalog # EPF16008 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-45-4 ● NTSC

52 Minutes ● Copyright 2016 ● French and Version with English Narration