(A morir a los desiertos)

Northern Mexico is home to the last singers of Cardenche Song, a nostalgic melody of love, wailing and tragedy.  This is a journey in search of this musical tradition, rooted in cotton farmers and miners now on the verge of extinction.  Cardenche is sung a cappella in groups of three and has been shared from generation to generation. It takes the name of a cactus whose thorn — like love, the Cardenche singers note — goes in too easily but hurts like hell to take out. To Die in the Desert  (A morir a los desiertos) is a dazzling new documentary that features heartbreaking musical performances that capture why this howl of a singing technique is so unique and important.  Directed by Marta Ferrer.



2018 Best Documentary - Latin American Film Festival of Toulouse

2018 Honorable Mention José Rovirosa Award for Best Documentary

2017 Winner of the Art Kingdom Award Los Cabos International Film Festival

Ton_âo en algodo_ün
Paisaje cerro desierto
Genaro Cantando
Cardencheros cantando en Bodega Hacienda
Fidel espaldas cerro
Dinosaurio General
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2019 FISCUR Festival Internacional de Cine del Sur del Mundo

2018 Festival de Cine Lima Independiente

2018 Ambulante

2018 Festival Internacional de cine de Guanajuato

2018 Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia

2018 Festival de Cine Puy Ta Cuxletaltic (Oventik, Chiapas)

2018 FILMAR Festival de Cine Latinoamericano


Marta Ferrer graduated with a degree in Cinematography from ESCAC (Barcelona).  In 2006, she received a scholarship to study at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico where she directed her first documentary “El Varal,” which won Best Documentary at the Morelia Film Festival in 2010.  In Mexico, Marta works as a director and cinematographer in different documentary projects.  “To Die in the Desert” is her latest film. 

TO DIE IN THE DESERT (A morir a los desiertos)

Catalog # EPF16019; ISBN: 978-1-933724-59-1; NTSC

90 Minutes; Copyright 2017; Spanish, English Subtitles

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