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Rembetika music or the Greek blues is a music born of exile and the streets. Developing its roots from the mass migration of people in the early twentieth century, filmmaker M. Zournazi traces the journey of her forebears from Smyrna in Turkey to Sydney Australia but discovers more than family history, she finds out how music connects people during times of struggle and crises. By weaving together different stories of music and migration, she documents experiences that are often left out of the chronicles of history.

Winner Gold Remi – WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival!

Runner-Up Competition - Williamsburg Independent Film Festival

World of Film International Film Festival of Glasgow

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Houston Greek Film Festival

EuroFilm Festival Geneva

Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Studies in Boston

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

Toronto Greek Film Festival

San Francisco Greek Festival

Nevada Women's Film Festival

Toronto Greek Film Festival


M. Zournazi is an Australian film maker, author and cultural philosopher. Her multi-awarding winning documentary Dogs of Democracy (2017) was screened worldwide. Her most recent documentary film, My Rembetika Blues is a film about life, love and Greek music. She is the author of several books including Hope - New Philosophies for Change, Inventing Peace with the German filmmaker Wim Wenders and most recently Justice and Love with Rowan Williams.


Catalog # EPF16038 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-78-2 ● UPC: 6-82086-16038-2 ● NTSC

86 Minutes ● Copyright 2021 ● English, Greek and English Subtitles

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