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(Los niños del éxodo)

Invisible Victims Of the Drug War

Hundreds of communities in the Tierra Caliente de Guerrero, Mexico have been displaced by organized crime that wants to control territory to traffic drugs and exploit the natural resources.  Refugees in a strange city, children reveal the humanitarian crisis of forced displacement and the consequences of relocation and violence in their lives.

FICiP International Festival of Political Cinema, Argentina

DOCS MX, Mexico City, Mexico

American Documentary and Animation Film Festival, U.S.

Cinema Planeta International Film and Environment Festival of Mexico

Muestra Internacional de Mujeres en el Cine y la TV EN MÉXICO



Wilma Gómez Luengo’s experience began in late 1986 as a camera assistant. Since that date she have made more than 300 commercials, video clips, documentaries and seventy feature films. Thirty of them were foreign productions, usually working as the "focus puller" for the main camera.

For twenty-eight years Wilma has worked with more than 80 directors of photography which include: Vittorio Storaro, Darius Kondji, Guillermo Navarro, Affonso Beato, Phil Méhiux, Henner Hofman, Emanuel Lubeski, Robert Mclachlan, Laurent Dailand, Maryse Alberti and Xavier Perez- Grovet as well other prominent cinematographers.

Being part of different camera crews gave her the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge from other renowned operators and camera assistants that has shaped her filmmaking experience and professional development. Currently Wilma spends her time on my creative work, directing and editing documentaries, and also operating camera for feature films, television series and commercials.


Catalog # EPF16039 ● ISBN: 978-1-933724-79-9 ● UPC: 6-82086-16039-9 ● NTSC

84 Minutes ● Copyright 2019 ● Spanish & English Subtitles

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